Picture yourself walking down a hallway in a nursing home.  The nurse aides are busy performing such tasks as bathing residents, assisting residents with dressing, and then there is always the moutain of paperwork that follows each task.  Some residents are sitting in a "gossip corner" watching television.  Employees of the housekeeping department are busy with changing beds and mopping floors.  Everyone is busy seeing to the needs of each and every resident.


But who is spending time with the residents?  Who is just visiting with them and listing to their story?  Who is bringing some sunshine into their world?  That person would be a volunteer!


Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, with many different talents.  They volunteer time in the nursing home, for Hospice, and at the LSCC.  They play the fiddle or guitar during "fiddle time".  They sit quietly and listen to the resident tell their story.  They paint the lady's nails and make them feel beautiful.  They might write a letter for them or read from the Bible.  They might have the gift of creativity and spend time each month decorating the monthly calendars that hang in the halls.  There are some that even do mending in their homes for the residents.


There are so many things the volunteers do that add to the quality of life for our residents.  The countless hours they spend in the nursing home is priceless.  The time they spend with our residents is such a blessing.  April is volunteer month and is Lakeview's way of saying "thank you" to the many Volunteers who have spent countless hours taking care of our residents.  Thank you for all you do!

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